Mindfulness and Cooking

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Call it kismet, but this article on mindfulness in the kitchen was at the top of my Twitter feed when I logged on the morning after I started this blog.   Go figure.

A few years back I obtained a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.  I was fortunate enough to land an internship in a counseling center that had a holistic and humanistic bent in their approach to treating clients.  This was a different perspective than that of my undergraduate and graduate school professors and opened my eyes to many useful tools.

During a weekly case conference, one of my colleagues did a mindfulness exercise with the staff and taught us how to use the technique in therapy.  To say it was a life-changing morning would be an understatement.  Since my main area of focus is stress and anxiety disorders, I happen to have some serious stresses in my life, and I have a child or two of my own who can get worked up easily, mindfulness has become a regular practice in my house and in my life.  Until I read this article, however, I did not realize that the kitchen provides great opportunities for mindfulness!

Enjoy the article and the benefits that being present and aware will bring you.



Welcome To My Blog

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As the title of my blog suggests, I do not look at cooking as simply a means to an end.  I find that cooking is often an outlet.  A healthy way for me to express some of my strongest emotions. Whether it is chopping an onion as if I were a horror flick axe murderer or delicately decorating a cookie with a calm steady hand, cooking can be every bit as cathartic  as it can be calming.  It helps alleviate stresses, express happinesses, and calm the nerves.  When I am in my zone in the kitchen, I quickly lose track of time.   My cooking is an art, a dance, and a therapy session tied into one.

I, however am a complicated person, and therefore I have a complicated relationship with cooking.  While I love cooking for all it offers me, as well as it’s usefulness as a way of expressing love, friendship, and gratitude to the people I love and care about most, I also find it stressful at times.  I therefore strive to maintain a homeostasis in the kitchen, limiting my cooking to a manageable 4-5 days a week (we eat leftovers in my house regularly – it’s not a big deal), and entertaining larger groups of friends every two months, or so, rather than smaller groups more frequently.

Every time I entertain, I am asked for a recipe.  At this point I owe way too many people, way too many recipes to ever keep track of to whom I promised what.  So this blog is my compromise.  I will share my recipes here for all of you who have asked for them and for those who didn’t ask but would like to peek anyway.  All I ask of you is that you visit the blog often, share it with your friends, and, if you would like to use my recipes in a public domain, please give credit where credit is do.

So, I hope you enjoy my blog and please feel free to leave (civil, kind) comments.

Love to you all,